Business Model Ontology

Business Model Ontology (BMO) is a comprehensive knowledge of the structural organization, functioning, and necessary cognitions of business enterprises.  

The scientific foundation of Business Model Ontology also enables the creation of Business Digital Twin software, as it provides a complete understanding of the anatomy and physiology of an enterprise based on which allows for the creation and development of enterprise-specific managerial models of the economy in all three dimensions – Strategic, Tactical, and Operational.

This Business Model Ontology recreates the universal principle setup and way of functioning of every enterprise as a systemic object and systemic subject through two cognitive platforms: the Industrial Cross and the Industrial Cognition Tree.

The Industrial Cross

The Industrial Cross explains an enterprise as a systemic object comprised of five technological systems that incorporate numerous and various specific objects and processes. The Industrial Cross defines all elements of an enterprise, their relationships, and properties, allowing for their modeling and the modeling of the industrial result in the three management dimensions.

The industrial Cross

The first cognitive platform provides knowledge for understanding of an enterprise for machines as a systemic object, which exists through its economic result, which extends over time and can be positive (profit) or negative (loss).

The industrial Cognition Tree

The Industrial Cognition Tree provides comprehensive knowledge management understanding through hierarchically and meaningfully structuring all enterprise-specific cognitions. It explains an enterprise as a systemic subject possessing cognitions and enables management of the cognitive base (brain) of the enterprise.