Our research

At ISEE, our scientific research aims to explore the application potential of the Business Model Ontology and the Business Digital Twin system in economic practice. This ongoing cognitive process is driven by creative and experimental efforts through various projects and dedicated campaigns. Our research taps into three principal sources of scientific knowledge about economic management:

Science and education

Consultancy Companies

Business Software

We believe that high-quality IT solutions for enterprise management should be rooted in ontological knowledge about economic management. In the words of Oliver Wight from his book “Manufacturing resource planning: MRP II, unlocking America’s productivity potential”:

A system must be a valid simulation of reality or it simply doesn’t work. The system must work the way the real world actually works. […] The system must represent the movement that is actually taking place. The test of the valid simulation is: How does it really happen? The system is just a representation of the way it really happens – a simulation. And if the simulation does not represent the way it really happens, it cannot be used.”